Dogtooth is a design and branding agency. We specialise in helping build brands in the ‘real’ world, or the sometimes forgotten ‘off-line’ world. We transform corporate, retail and leisure environments with our wall graphics. We take brands on the road or into motorsport with car wrap designs. We have turned iPads into slick corporate branded sales devices.

And we have turned laptops or phones into mobile billboards with custom branding and we’ve also worked with some of the biggest companies in the world. Over the last ten years, we have worked with the likes of MINI, Teenage Cancer Trust, Blippar, Rovio (Angry Birds), Yammer (Microsoft), TED, Betsafe and many other highly successful brands and companies.

Our brands

STKRS aka Startup Stickers

STKRS is our custom sticker solution for startups, small businesses and artists. We have worked with Tech, Banks, Fin-Tech, Start-ups and high-street brands from the UK and around the world.


Wall Glamour is our wall sticker company, originally started in 2007. It was one of the first wall sticker companies in the UK and our products were featured in press and social media all over the world, we were also featured on several TV shows.


Wall Glamour "Projects" is our commercial wall graphics division, we work directly with Architects and Designers to produce outstanding interiors. We install our wall murals and graphics in businesses, gyms, schools and hospitals all over the UK.


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