Brand Coaching

Through out a year we open the doors to a small number of people to have a access to our brand coaching solution. This will start with an audit of where you are at now with your brand, followed by a 45mins call to see if we’re able to work together…the criteria is not fixed, but some times people don’t need our level of involvement or we cannot provide an additional value.

If we do hit it off and we see that we can help you develop your brand our coaching service will be as follows.

Week 1 – Understand your current business and where you want your brand to be. Working on a back to basics work sheet to get your current assets ready.

Week 2 – Work on more in-depth ideas like the customer experience, social media scheduling, creative marketing techniques. We will create a checklist of tasks and professionals you might need. Then look at what you need in a photographer, designer, web team and social media expert and how to do it the rest in-house.

Week 3 – Checking the suitable quotes you have had from professionals, and working through your in-house teams tasks.

Week 4 – Walking through those initial design ideas to ensure they meet your needs as outlined in week one. Setting key tasks for the next few months so you finish the four weeks knowing what you want to achieve and what you need to do to achieve it. 

Everything that we cover will be in my book and workbook this should keep you on target with building the brand you want to build.